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Last week, I informed you about the fact that the exclusive brand that is Tesla has made it possible for residents of the United States (US) to purchase their dream model using Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Today I am back again with a big and breaking news, namely PayPal also allows only US residents to make purchases with payment in cryptocurrencies! 

Reuters confirms – we have a breakthrough with PayPal playing the main fiddle

Routers have just published information that is likely to completely change the approach to cryptocurrencies and may prove to be a milestone in the development of this financial sector. We are, of course, talking about PayPal and the possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies for its customers in the USA. What does it mean in practice? Namely, PayPal gives Americans the opportunity to make and pay for purchases in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. A person who chooses to do so pays in crypto, but the seller receives fiat currency. Such an opportunity will probably positively increase exposure and result in a so-called strengthening or fulfillment of the proof of principle that cryptocurrencies are more than a seasonal way to freeze capital. 

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Chatter not for PayPal

The cryptocurrency payment service comes a year after U.S. gitant, PayPal announced that it was starting a business based on the use of cryptocurrencies. As we can see, words were not thrown to the wind, as approx. 29 million merchants can now announce “In-store pay with cryptocurrency through PayPal”.