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Ethereum was trading down over the weekend, but it is currently a song of the past. The Ethereum cryptocurrency has once again hit its record highs this month. At one point, its value reached $2593 per unit.

Is Ethereum going the way of Bitcoin?

Ethereum has long been the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. In April this year, we witnessed a record high, trading last week at $2530 per coin on Bitstamp. Yesterday, at 18:00, the price was $ 2627. Will April bring us more records? Perhaps it will bring them later this week. For now, ETH is gaining more than $700 this month, counting from April 1 until now.

Ethereum is growing, so JPMorgan is looking for support among developers

Yesterday’s gains aren’t all of the revelations regarding Ethereum. JPMorgan, a company that is well-known in the cryptocurrency community has expressed its interest in this cryptocurrency. It is speculated that JPMorgan may want to follow in the footsteps of other banks such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, which have announced offering crypto investment exposure to wealthy clients. The result is a job posting on Glassdoor, 

What’s next for Ethereum?

If the cryptocurrency starts to climb up the quotes with comparable dynamics to Bitcoin, for example, from 2018-2019 then we may be about to witness a boom and similar actions to Bitcoin. It is worth monitoring the situation, so on this portal, you will always find fresh information.