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The cryptocurrency market is a dynamic realm with a lot going on. Just like the stock market so the cryptocurrency market can positively and negatively surprise shareholders. It is no different now with the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is falling and Ethereum is rising

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market saw slight losses on April 29. Currently, the market is heading for a so-called contract expiration of nearly $4.2 billion. Ethereum is the second largest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world and has been doing quite well lately. When the average value of Bitcoin was around $56,500 on April 28 and then saw a drop to around $53,000 then Ethereum started to rise and is currently above the $2700 per unit quote.

Market grows, demand grows – a sign for investors and payment managers

Despite the increased market activity of cryptocurrencies, which is highly dynamic and has ups and downs it is one of the largest companies, PayPal has just enabled its users with a new crypto purchase feature. Currently, there is a limit of $25,000 per user per day to purchase cryptocurrency using this very platform.  This is a sign that payment providers may be “stirring” in the cryptocurrency market. But what about the rest?

Interfering with blockchain technology – can only financial institutions do it?

And it’s not just financial institutions that are integrating blockchain technology to help achieve financial goals. The Ethiopian government has revealed a partnership with Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the research and development arm behind Cardano (ADA). The new partnership aims to use blockchain technology to overhaul the education system.

Is Ethereum doing better with fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market?

While Bitcoin continues to struggle below the $55,000K level, the ETH/BTC pair has begun to climb higher in a move that has been predicted by many analysts, including Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal. The bullish move in the ETH/BTC pair has also renewed talk that the Ether price could eventually reverse BTC. According to √Člie Le Rest, partner at digital asset management firm ExoAlpha, Ether has been strengthening against Bitcoin since late March, and the upcoming update that includes EIP 1559 is “seen as a strong catalyst for the recent ETH bull market.”

All reports and analysis indicate that Bitcoin’s decline may be temporary, while Ethereum’s rise is not a one-season trend. So, it is worth looking at this cryptocurrency and start thinking about investing.